There's No Friend Like Your Bro Friend  

The Internet is awash with many things I don't particularly care for, but ultimately a modest annoyance or dislike of something is no good reason to criticize another person's art, opinions, or kink. Matters such as who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman (Superman, no contest), or what amount of tentacle is acceptable in porn (zero) are permanently debatable. Besides, the harder you fight against something on the Internet, the more assurances you create that others will band together to make it happen. Even if it's simply to spite you. This in turn is actually one of my absolute favorite things about the Internet.

Being a super-fresh mid-thirties guy whose internet game is mad on fleek, I browse Tumblr occasionally, usually right before I do something hella dope like fall asleep while watching Orange is the New Black. Recently in my feed were a bunch of artfully composed pictures celebrating the best girl friend relationship. Looking at these I had a thought that something similar for male friendships would seem slightly awkward, making me wonder what images are available to the average guy yearning to express his bromance. Sadly, the answer is next to nothing. A quick image search of terms like "best guy friends" and "best bro friends" left me empty-handed, while searching "best girl friends" yielded page after page of results.

While I generally feel that insta-filtered images of cloyingly happy people overlaid with pithy text are ridiculous, there was undeniably a gaping hole out there, one that left an aching in my bro muscle. The bro muscle of course being the sensory organ located behind the heart, possessed by all men and heightened through extensive watching of buddy cop shows and practicing of double high five chest bumps. So I did the only thing I felt I could do; I took my best bro, my brother Matt, and recreated some of the top "best girl friends" shots out there. The results are as follows (with originals for comparison).

((click to enlarge))

Remember earlier when I said that these kinds of shots for male friendships would be slightly awkward? After much consideration, please replace "slightly" with "completely, and "awkward" with your choice of "amazing/magical/beautiful/life-affirming".

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