Graphing and Drawing  

I had this brilliant idea for a post where I was going to draw a bunch of graphs on my bathroom mirror using dry erase markers. They were going to be awesome and make all of you love me. So much so that I was expecting presents and already cleared out some space in my closet and a shelf in the fridge in preparation.

In the end I was thwarted by my small bathroom, poor lighting, tricky camera angles, and well, the crushing reality of a shitty idea. This was the best shot I managed to pull off:

I've decided to put this graphing medium on the back burner for the time being. At least until the Kickstarter campaign to have my bedroom ceiling mirrored gets funded.

In between disappointing graphs I took a moment to give myself a heart, in a way that turned out to be much easier than powering through one of those 7-minute-long abused animal commercials:

What? That not good enough for you either? OK fine, one more thing. After that I'm done and going to the bar. I have to warn you though, the humor behind this selection from my sketchpad is hinged completely upon anachronistic juxtaposition, so you'll have to work for it a little:

Oh, and if you're under 20 and don't get it because you don't know what that thing on the left is, please be sure to leave a comment so we all know who to hate.

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