Words are Friends  

I like to think of the English language as I do our criminal justice system; flexible and largely open to interpretation. My interpretation of it, while drawing the line somewhere around text speak, permits a standing exception and free usage of all fabricated and pop culture-based words. And so, like some bastard offspring of Vanna White and Johnny Appleseed, I spread these magical words to custom dictionaries throughout the land.

Actually this is just a list of my favorite words from the CUSTOM.DIC file for MS Word, the one that holds everything I've added to my spellchecker over the last few years:
  • lightsaber
  • bromance (see also: bromantic)
  • booyah
  • whoomp
  • cockshiner
  • boobage
  • schwag (likely for use with "schwag hag")
  • douchebaggery
  • bacongasm
  • assload
  • crapload
  • shitload
  • moonroofin' (I have no idea what this is)
  • Voldemort (no Dumbledore though -- I am ashamed)
  • ahthankyou
  • holodeck
I could go on, but most of what's left is unfunny and/or incriminating on some level. Instead, tell me -- What words have YOU typed out often enough that you finally had to give them the old right-click straight into the dictionary?

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