Back-End Poetry  

The Brown Glove Treatment


With the swing of a door
I found out she's a whore
who likes my best friend's D in her A.

I stood there dumbfounded
watching her get her bum pounded
wanting only to wish it away.

"What the hell?!" I shouted
and he finally outed
Sir Lancelot from her brown bear.

But he did it too quickly
which can be rather sickly
if one isn't given time to prepare.

She made a pained look
and her lower half shook
then everything happened so fast.

Like the devil's chocolate fountain
a veritable mountain
of poo was expelled in a blast.

He cursed and he screamed
as her #3 streamed
all over his face and his chest.

What a grim sight indeed
but it sated my need
of putting their weak lives to rest.

They both lay there crying
and meanwhile I'm dying
from equal parts laughter and pity.

So I choked back the smell
and bid those fuckers farewell
adding "...I thought our love life was shitty!"

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