Freestyle Friday: Crust Integrity Destabilizing  

This week's Freestyle Friday is brought to you by Kenzie, my 6-year-old daughter. I told her I needed a brilliant idea for something to draw, to which she responded "A robot baking a pie. But he burn-ded it. And now he's sad. But it's OK because robots don't have stomachs so this one can just be practice," after which she hops up and starts doing the robot, beep-boop-boop noises and all. It's only because she's my daughter that I'm OK with a 6-year-old being twice as awesome as I'll ever be.

Thankfully, she approved of my interpretation of a cold, unfeeling machine's struggle with the abstract concept known as flavor that we humans take for granted.... and here's hoping the rest of you will as well. Beep-boop-boop.

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