We Cannot Drink Alone  

It's Martin Luther King Day, and like most of you I was fortunate enough to have the day off of work. Something you might also be semi-aware of is that MLK Day has been designated as a national day of service. Meaning get your ass off the couch and do something for other people. Now I'm not really the kind of guy who would parade in front of others the exceptional ways in which I gave back to humanity today, so let's just say that lives were changed for the better. I merely need you to know it happened to ensure I don't look nearly as selfish for cashing in on the ultimate reward Dr. King intended for those who follow in his awesome shadow. Allow me to elaborate:

FACT: Dr. King wished us all to take an active role IN our communities and the human rights movement.

Dr. King + Involvement = Dr. (IN) King = DRINKING

With the highest amount of respect to him and his legacy, I raise a glass of fine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey in Dr. King's honor. And consider it your act of service to not point out the irony of that statement and/or the flawed logic this entire post if rife with.

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