Freestyle Friday: Don't Let My Kids See This One  

(click image to enlarge; genuflection optional)

I've decided to institute something I like to call Freestyle Friday, which essentially means that you should now expect a visual outpouring of my brain on a weekly basis. Could be a photo, freehand drawing, graph, or some combination of the three in Photoshop. Maybe I'll just blow my nose with a couple of hundreds and claim it to be a statement on how big business has become desensitized to the plight of lower-middle class America. More likely is a bunch of dick jokes and fantastical situations, such as a robot trying to bake a pie or a pic of me bear hugging a homeless person. Today I went with "10-second diagram because I just came up with the idea of Freestyle Friday and need to post something NOW". Call me crazy but I think I nailed it.

Oh, and in a meager effort for due diligence, I Googled "freestyle friday" to see if I was infringing on another blogger's intellectual property, and it looks like I'm in the clear so long as I stay away from hosting any freestyle rap battles that are in direct competition with BET. Which means I'll need to come up with something other than what I had planned for next Friday.

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