Things I Used to Never Care About -- But Now Do (Perhaps More Than I Should)  

While assembling my last post on Friday, stuff kept popping into my head that was pretty much the exact opposite of what I was going for. Thankfully I'm not just a pack rat when it comes to High School Musical merchandise, since this tendency I have to horde words is responsible for today's post -- the yin to Friday's yang, the Lady GaGa to Friday's Megan Fox. You know, because Megan Fox is a "definitely," while Lady GaGa is more of a "maybe, so long as I've had a few drinks, the she-male rumors about her are false, and she isn't wearing anything with sharp edges." Anyway, I believe there's a list around here somewhere:
  • The economy (despite actively trying not to care)
  • Best practices for discouraging the growth of moobs
  • Riding every roller coaster in the U.S.
  • Apocalyptic zombie scenarios
  • People who don't wait for you to get out of the elevator before pushing their way in
  • The inherent value of a bad idea
  • That many of my favorite shows (How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Man Vs. Wild) would be even better with swearing
  • Comfortable shoes
  • That The Eagles are somehow only tolerable when Guitar Hero is involved
  • Indian food
  • The number of spiders in my house at any given time
  • Whether or not plants and fish have feelings
  • Escaping the clutches of Corporate America
  • My prostate
  • Jumping into a kiddy pool full of Oreo ice cream
  • How many tattoos is too many
  • Writing "that's what she said" underneath the vaguely sexual toothpaste ads on the bus
  • The sneaky homeless guy in my neighborhood that looks like Wyclef Jean
  • That despite the growing number of accidental deaths in the music industry, Scott Stapp continues breathing
  • If the consequences of punching a teenager would really be that severe

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