Things I at One Point Cared About -- But no Longer Do (Not Even a Little)  

  • Brevity in blog post titles
  • American Idol
  • In what part of the world or place in time Carmen Sandiego is
  • Myspace
  • Whether or not everyone likes me
  • Solving a Rubik's cube
  • Why Tiffany refuses to write me back
  • How many olives I can fit into my mouth at once
  • Learning to play a musical instrument (Guitar Hero doesn't count)
  • How tightly I can peg my jeans
  • Michael Jackson (just as a human being, still OK w/his music)
  • That one of my forearms is curiously larger than the other
  • Paying my brother back for when I was 12 and he threw a wolf spider at my face
  • Who let the dogs out
  • The odd irony of emailing a question to someone who sits right next to you
  • Anything Michael Moore says or does
  • My inability to hula hoop
  • If there are onions on my pizza
  • Anyone who still says "hella"
  • How many mushroom-related poisonings occurred after the release of Super Mario Bros. in 1985

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