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James, ruthless leader of the dictatorship known as Fall of James, kindly bestowed an Honest Scrap award upon me yesterday. Unfortunately, I don't think he knew how I feel about these sorts of things. But that hardly means the thought goes unappreciated, so I will be harnessing the awesome cosmic force known as compromise in order to avoid posting or passing the award along, while at the same time honoring both the spirit of it and the kind intentions of my blogging pal. Since the award typically calls for the recipient to post ten honest things about themselves, I've re-imagined this premise into a little game that has in fact plagiarized from everybody's favorite corporate icebreaker, three truths and a lie, only this time we're playing three lies and a truth.

If you're unfamiliar with how the game works, allow me to type it out for you once more with some added punctuation for effect. Three lies. And a truth. All you have to do is guess which is which. Plus, if you're the first person to do so correctly (and who is also not Christie), I vow to drop your name with a link in the next post. Note that the context of said name-drop is completely up to me.
  1. I named my very first pet "Farlow," after a character on the classic primetime soap opera Dallas.
  2. Once when I was 13 and walking home from high school, a group of seniors drove by and threw a ICEE out the car window which struck the side of my head, knocking me unconscious.
  3. I only have 9 ½ toes (and yes, I did at one time have all 10 of them).
  4. The only person I've ever punched in the face turned out to be a minister.
To make things slightly trickier, all of these are at least half-truths, but only one of them is a full-on money shot of truth to the face. Now open wide and leave me your best guess in the comments.

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