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As you might already know, to date I've successfully completed three separate 30-day challenges, wherein I perform a daily act of blog for the whole of a calendar month. These acts aren't totally random, however, as each challenge must stay within whatever theme has been voted through by my lovely readers. For example:
  • Challenge #1, October 2008 - Daily blog post (OK, this first one was semi-random)
  • Challenge #2, January 2009 - Daily photo
  • Challenge #3, May 2009 - Daily chick flick review
Also known as the good, the fun, and the sweet ABBA-loving Jesus I'm going to commit seppuku with this remote.

Yet here I find myself again. Specifically, on the two-week precipice of my next 30-day challenge and hard up for possible themes. Here are the ones I have so far, but for the sake of full disclosure you should probably know that most of these are just the losing ideas from challenges past.

Daily video blog - A daily video about whatever I want, filmed by and/or starring me, and NO MORE than 3 minutes in length.

Daily cartoon
- A cartoon of my own creation, done freehand or in MS Paint. See examples of my "work" here. This one could also include hand-drawn graphs and Venn diagrams.

Daily "visual guide"
- Each day I explain/represent something different in picture form. For example, a picture of me with a beer in one hand and chocolate-covered bacon in the other would be titled "A Confluence of Happiness". Or alternatively, "The How Not to Get Raped in Prison Diet." As with the daily video, each picture would need to be taken by and/or include me.

Daily top 10
- I hear there's a guy on TV who does something close to this, but since nobody probably watches that show I think I can get away with it.

This is just a start really. What I'm hoping is that someone whose brilliance surpasses my own will come along and drop a golden idea in the comments. If you think that could be you, I implore you to consider the following first:
  • Restrictions don't work so well, i.e., "30 days with no sugar". What I'm looking for are things that are actionable, and more importantly postable.
  • I don't have a lot of money.
  • I work a full-time job
  • I'd rather not be in (constant) fear of my safety
Or if you'd prefer to simply offer your support for one of the ideas outlined at the beginning of this post, that works too. On Monday I'll swap out the poll on the right with one you can use to seal my fate for the month of October. Oh and before I forget, I'm imposing an immediate and indefinite moratorium on any challenges involving my genitals (sorry Bev).

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