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I sometimes think that one of the reasons I become so easily distracted when writing is because my reptile brain takes over in an act of self-preservation against failure. Thankfully I'm able to push through it most of the time, but it's inevitable that some projects take me twice as long to complete as they probably should. At the very least I thought I'd make these distractions work in my favor for once by posting the byproduct of them for you here today.

One of the first things my mind does when it gets taken over by the evil Lord Distractor is wander into the territory of hypothetical, often times nonsensical questions, such as:

"I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks it strange that is indeed an online marketplace for purchasing children?"

"If the most sought after form of ambition is blind, must I first stop trying altogether before it can be instilled in me?"

Once I move beyond random questions, I begin to dabble in the centuries-old form of Japanese poetry known as haiku:

Hey teenage mother,
while the blame game can be fun,
it's not your kid's fault.

Thanks Guitar Hero.
I now know The Eagles don't
always have to suck.

Nice kanji tattoo.
I never knew that "Hoisin"
was a life mantra.

[disclaimer: I have a kanji tattoo]

Summer ski cap guy,
you are the kindred soul of
winter flip flop girl.

Accidental click
landed me on tranny porn.
Yes, I bookmarked it.

When things get really bad, that's when I move on to the Venn diagrams (click to enlarge):

[ed. note: I drew this about a week before MJ died. Take that Miss Cleo!]

I hope this helps clarify as to why this site's called Genius Pending.

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