Daily Chick Flick: WILD CARD BONUS ROUND!  

Last week it was promised that I would do something embarrassing in exchange for having a one day reprieve from chick flick hell. To make sure things stayed fair, I allowed my blog readers to decide which form of embarrassment would befall me via a poll on the side bar. And decide you bastards did. The landslide victor was "Have Christie give me a makeover, then post the resulting glamour shot as my Facebook profile picture for one full week."

As promised, earlier this evening Christie set to work on me. I didn't document much of the process, although there was one part in particular that managed to surpass even the torture of having Christie "shape" my eyebrows and begged to be photographed. I'm not sure what you call this particular implement of torture, but I plan on burying it in the backyard next time Christie isn't looking.

If you assume that some kind of lengthy photo session took place after I was all dolled up, well, you'd be absolutely right. However, there's no way in hell more than one of those pictures is making it onto this blog or Facebook, so you had better fucking enjoy it.

It would seem that between my excessive exposure to chick flicks and makeup, my transformation into a woman is near complete. I hereby give myself 5 pink tacos.

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