Daily Chick Flick: Stick It  

There are some films that you just have to see to believe. You more than likely know the kind I'm talking about. Through whatever combination of cheesy one-liners and impossible situations, you find yourself laughing at the completely ridiculous nature of what you're being subjected to. "Who exactly is this movie for?" you ask yourself. The odds are in favor that even the crappiest movie of all time will probably garner at least one super fan, and I sometimes find myself picturing what kind of person they must be. Without a doubt, anyone that lists Stick It as their personal favorite had to have been a 12 year old female gymnast in training when they first saw it. There is no other explanation, save a couple of really perverted ones I'd rather not consider right now.

The story follows an ex-elite gymnast, played by Missy Peregrym. In the beginning they try pass her off as all tomboyish and frumpy, and it's times like these that I start to believe Hollywood must be run by women, since their idea of unattractive consists of messy hair and a skin tight football jersey. Anyway, Peregrym's character gets in a bit of trouble and is forced back into a gymnastics program in order to avoid jail time. Jeff Bridges plays the Bela Karoyli of this tale, except he's all washed up and selling a snake oil version of the Olympic dream to mothers living vicariously through their daughters. Since Peregrym's character is hardcore street (as evidenced by all the punk rock t-shirts she wears and a propensity for throwing up the "rock on" sign of the horns), her friction with Bridges propels the story forward as she tries to shake things up with crazy tricks and unconventional routines. In the end everyone has a positive effect on everyone else, friendships are forged, issues are resolved, and people lay the groundwork for the rest of their happy lives. Barf.

This film is really less of a chick flick and more of a teeny-bopper feel good niche movie. Bear with me while I provide an overview of the best parts of it:

The only time I laughed during this movie was at the countless incredibly lame one-liners throughout it, like when one of the girls requests sleeveless leotards because she "has a constitutional right to bare arms." Sweet back flipping Jesus spare me. The multitude of cliches were horrible as well, though none so much as the seemingly nonstop barrage of pop rock montages that would pop up -- I shit you not -- every five minutes or so. Go watch it if you think I'm exaggerating even a little. After the first 30 minutes I began to watch through squinted eyes, bracing for the next assault on my senses and level of respect for Jeff Bridges. Seriously Jeff, what the fuck man? Were you battling some kind of substance abuse problem in 2006 that failed to make the news? If you needed the money you should have just turned to your fans. I would have gladly pitched in a fiver.

I'm torn on how to rate this. On one hand, it was such a shitty movie. But it fucking owned it and didn't seem to try and hide behind any pretense about how shitty it was either. And like I said, it was really more of a teen movie than it was a straight up chick flick. 4 pink tacos. Because I can.

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