Daily Chick Flick: One Fine Day  

In case none of you have given real consideration to my month-long plight, let it be known that this is one of the most laborious undertakings I've ever been party to. It's hardly as if I've never relied on my willpower to see me through extended periods of duress; months of physical training, restricted eating plans, shitty jobs, that time I moved back in with my parents. This remains by far the worst. Between having a full-time job and a slew of side projects, the bulk of my "free time" has been spent slowly transforming myself into a woman for these past three weeks. The other day I almost cried during a commercial for baby shampoo.

I swear to one-legged zombie heliskiing Jesus that once this month is over, I'm only watching martial arts, horror, sci-fi, porn, or some combination of the aforementioned for the remainder of 2009. Also, I'm already looking ahead to the next 30 day challenge (perhaps August'ish?), and it's pretty much a lock that all the potential challenges will be centered around the kicking some kind of baby animal.

See what you forced me do Maid in Manhattan? I hope you're fucking happy.

While we're loosely on the subject of wounded crybabies, I might as well introduce today's movie, One Fine Day. I expected so much more from a movie that starred two otherwise ass-kicking celebrities. Not just that Clooney and Pfeiffer are cool, I mean they normally play people who have an "in-charge" presence. Because of this there was little chance of me enjoying them as two single parent divorcees who by every right appeared incapable of managing their own schedules and/or children. Are we really supposed to believe that such an incredible set of circumstances prevented an A-type personality like Pfeiffer's character from securing childcare? Or for that matter, that her son would be such an uncontrollable little shit? Now I'm not the kind of guy who would ever say that child abuse is funny, but, well, funny and necessary are two different things.

I think I also need to take a brief moment -- and separate paragraph -- to point out that playing the song One Fine Day, as sung by Natalie Merchant, at random intervals throughout the movie is just plain stupid. Like Carrot Top in chess match against a monkey kind of stupid.

This movie is one fine example of a chick flick. Ugh, that sucked hard. Almost as much as this movie did. But I don't care because the sun is out and I need to go join it. 4 pink tacos. I spared it the quintuple treatment because Michelle Pfeiffer is scary hot which I'm totally into, and even though the ending was boring, I thought it to be very appropriate.

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