Daily Chick Flick: The Last Kiss  

Here we are, day 16, halfway through this month-long chick flick marathon. I must admit that many of my initial thoughts on how hard this would be have fallen right on the mark. The time commitment is one of the biggest factors. With 1-2 hours to watch the movie, plus the (up to an) hour to put the review together, there goes 1/8 of my day. Which is bigger than it sounds once you realize that 1/3 of my day is usually spent sleeping, another 1/3 working, and approximately 1/4 of it on the toilet. Sleep, work, poop, watch crappy movies. What a cruel existence.

One thing that I definitely didn't foresee was the limiting effect that the daily review format would have over time. This week's sickness notwithstanding, it's apparent with each new one I write that my enthusiasm is on a crash course for oblivion. The early excitement of surmounting this challenge has been replaced by a deep-seated desire for it to just be the hell over with. We're talking worst-case scenario here -- it's no longer fun.

You know what? Fuck that. I'm the one letting the walls slowly close in around me. I've settled into a confined space where reviews must be five paragraphs long and make sense to everyone else. As if anyone is ever going to base a personal movie choice on these damn things. You guys know I'm watching these sorry-ass films, which is the main component of torture you signed me up for in the first place. What I do with the rest from there shouldn't suck nearly as bad as the movies that inspire it.

Seeing as I made the above decision while typing it, I'm hardly prepared to doing something different with today's post on The Last Kiss. If only there were a way to convey my thoughts in an succinct manner so I could go outside and enjoy some sunshine. Oh but there is. And as is usually the case, the answer can be found in ancient Japanese Poetry.

The Last Kiss

It's the dude from Scrubs
He's almost thirty years old
A soon-to-be Dad

He laments a life
with no more surprises left
Enter sexy Kim

He and Kim hook up
and of course he gets busted
What a huge douchebag

His girlfriend leaves him
Life is pain and excitement
He must have her back

I could spoil the end
But then I did enjoy it
Go see for yourself

The supporting cast?
Definitely a good thing
Many great stories

The people felt real
Though Rachel Bilson was nice
As was her half-boob

What The Last Kiss lacks
in awarded pink tacos
Surely says it all

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