Daily Chick Flick: He's Just Not That Into You  

As we pass through the various phases in this life, there are invariably different sets of action associated with each that drop off as we move from one to the next. Some of them we lament the loss of, such as pain-free mobility or not being required to have a career. There are others, however, that most of us are happy to see go. If today's chick flick, He's Just Not That Into You, is in any way an accurate barometer of today's dating scene, then I am beyond thankful to have that part of my life well behind me.

This movie would lead us to believe that the dating pool is made up of mostly dumb and/or crazy people. Women that are seemingly unable to look for love outside of social networks and internet chat rooms. Men that are as short in stature as they are in ability to decipher even the most obvious of signals from their love interest. Not to mention the overarching message from the movie's main character, which is that it's OK to be an insecure, crazy mess so long as you're tolerably cute.

As an aside to providing further commentary on the film, let me do anyone reading this a solid by saving you the two hours it would take to watch it. For the first 3/4 of the movie, nobody is into the person that is into them. Then the majority -- simultaneously yet separately -- realize how wrong they were. Roll credits.

The time spent on this movie wasn't a complete loss though. While it was playing I made this graph to represent the feasibility of doing a solid month of daily chick flick reviews:

That seems about right, no?

I heard from 3 different people that He's Just Not That Into You was a great movie, particularly because of how funny it is. And while they were completely wrong about that, I've at least identified 3 people who I no longer wish to be a part of my life, so that's something. 2 pink tacos. Remember, the pink taco scale is a rating of how much of a chick flick it is, not a yardstick of how much I liked it. He's Just Not That Into You isn't even that girly of a movie, it's simply bad without reason.

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