Consider This Fair Warning  

Motivated by fear from the preliminary results of what will be the next 30 day challenge, I have already begun to prepare myself. Initial responses indicate a heavy favor towards me authoring an emasculating stream of chick flick reviews, or a new comic each and every day. All I can say to that is fuuuuuck. Although I'm not too worried about being able to rip into easy targets like Mark Ruffalo and Sarah Jessica Parker, the idea of doing a daily comic is a bit intimidating for me. So, my first act of preparation was to take some time that I should have been working cleared from my schedule, put pen to paper and see what kind of genius sprang forth.

I'm sorry to tell you that the results were less than pleasing. I managed to crank out four of them pretty quickly, but as you can see, they are all lacking in a few key areas; namely humor, creativity, and artistic talent. I mean, it's not like they're as shitty as Family Circus or anything, but I refuse to try and measure my distance from rock bottom in nanometers. At the very least you won't be able to say I never gave you a chance to prevent this, should you decide to vote it through anyway.

Note - My handwriting is hurried and terrible, something I promise to work on if I have to do this for 31 days. Until then, you may have to click to enlarge for ease in deciphering these.

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