The Stoner Diaries  

I make no attempts to hide or excuse myself for the many many years I spent indulging in the cushy herbal offerings of Mother Nature. In fact, I look very fondly upon that time, despite its ups and downs and impact on my ability to engage in physical activity for more than a very brief duration.

Other than the hours upon hours spent playing video games and singlehandedly supporting the Pop Tart industry, I did a lot of writing during these times as well. While the works I drafted were (understandably) all over the place, you don't have to make it through more than a few of my old notebooks before some pretty obvious themes begin to emerge. As a cloudy-headed, early twenties stoner with little to offer in the areas of ambition or a marketable skill set, my quarter-life crisis was at full alert. This often brought the topics of personal development -- with a dash of existentialism -- to the forefront of my scribblings. Going through the notebooks recently, I've decided to share some of the more interesting entries, in a sporadically recurring blog series affectionately referred to as "The Stoner Diaries."

Today's inaugural posting is one of the first that jumped out at me... in a "holy crap this is so cheesy it's good" sort of way. Sometime in 2002 I scrawled this list in big letters across several pages, bestowing upon it the title 10 Thoughts on Living Like You Mean It:
  1. Live happy, laugh often.
  2. Care for that which deserves it, and sometimes for that which doesn't.
  3. Constantly test limits, especially your own. That way you know what they are and can proceed to defy them.
  4. Reality is what you make of it.
  5. Fear is as overwhelming as it is unnecessary.
  6. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  7. Importance is relative; every now and then ensure you aren't taking something for granted.
  8. We started in nature and will return to it once we are finished here. Don't let that be an awkward reunion.
  9. You don't need to know where you came from to see where you are headed, but it doesn't hurt either. Explore your familial, historical, and personal roots.
  10. Find your purpose in every moment.

Oh man. It's like Nietzsche dropped ecstasy with Steve Pavlina at Deepak Chopra's house. You poor bastards are in for a treat, because there are entries even more contrived and nonsensical than this one just waiting to be shared. Don't worry though; I'll be sure to spread them out in such a way that your head doesn't explode from sheer astonishment.

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