"I'd Like it Quite Kindly if You Wore a Diaper... Ma'am"  

I promised myself that I would post a blog today, and I'm nothing if not the John Wayne of blog promise-keeping, which I can John Wayne blog promise you is in no way like the John Wayne of lovemaking. That involves a lot more praying, masochism, and saying "ma'am" at the end of extremely inappropriate questions. The point I'm moving towards is that I highly doubt I'll have the time to post from home tonight, given the swirling vortex of assorted spawn- and web-related commitments awaiting me there. My promise to blog wasn't that a big of a deal this morning because, well, that was 8 hours ago. I could just open up this blank Notepad document and type a little bit here, a little bit there, and be clicking publish by lunch time.

Fast forward to 3:10 -- a scant 50 minutes before the whistle blows -- and here I am, furiously typing nonsensical things about John Wayne in the hope that something interesting to talk about will come to mind. Since that's very obviously not going to happen, the best I can do is continue lamenting on the difficulties of being a productive blogger who respectfully says go away and die to the following filler topics:

~ Memes
~ Monetizing your blog
~ Pay per post
~ Awards
~ Reposting others work (without trying to pass it off as your own)

Now factor in my lack of a social life, and this blog starts to look like a dying animal. Thankfully I possess knowledge to the contrary, which I might as well share with you now since it's about the only sensible direction for this post to take. Switching to list mode:

1. The social happenings of my life are finally gaining some momentum, which I couldn't be happier about. Turns out that us normal people are required to invest a little bit of ourselves by going places and doing things before warranting any kind of real payoff. I've got several trips planned for the near future, and the next month or so will find my work published in some fairly unexpected ways. My writing with Seattle Metblogs is also moving forward, the most notable of which (at least to me) will be covering the freaky nerdcore Sakura-Con in April. Dudes in their 40's in homemade costumes drooling over Asian girls half their age in 10-inch platforms with laser swords. Quite possibly one of the greatest photo ops I'll ever come across.

2. I recently received and set up a webcam, which can only mean one thing -- ZOMG vlogs!!1 I won't say too much (mainly because I've yet to figure it out myself), but think lonelygirl15 meets Kanye West meets Andrew Zimmern.

3. May is going to be round 3 for my thus far mildly appealing series of 30 day challenges. That being said, I'm hoping to take this one to the next level. Again, I haven't exactly decided what I mean by that, but I'm pretty sure it helps to build the anticipation. I'm very open to suggestions at this point, so don't be scared to throw down in the comments or send me an email.

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