A Hallmark Moment  

Unlike most women, I will only be turning 29 once, and that day is today. And while I technically wrote the majority of this post on the day before my birthday, I'll walk out on a limb with the assumption that my feelings about it won't vastly differ when I wake up tomorrow (which mind you is really today).

Looking back across 29 years of awesome, I find it comforting to count the blessings my sheer existence has bestowed upon the world. What's not so comforting is that by my calculations, the number hovers dangerously close to 5, and that's after you add 1 and round up. Even as recent as 6 months ago, this kind of thing would likely bother me to no end, as I was still filing down the last of the rough edges on the whole "quarter-life crisis" thing. Thankfully, through a powerful mixture of self-discovery and concentrated apathy, I was able to turn that corner with minimal therapy.

What I've found to be an especially interesting byproduct of this process of growing up is perspective. Although I suspect it might be better described as just a shift in outlook. For the longest time I've lived my life in the present moment, with an scornful eye to the past, worried about regrets that fell in my wake. The older I get, however, the more that the focus turns from mistakes of the past to thoughts of the future. Maybe it's simply become easier to forgive myself for prior transgressions. I'm hoping that it's more about favoring doing over dreaming, and acting over talking.

Assuming all goes well, I've got at least as much time in front of me as I do behind. While there will likely be an equal share of it dedicated to crapping my pants and pawing at boobies that I have no claim to, it's reassuring to know that I move into these years with slightly more sense and experience than I had for the first 29. Let's just hope my 58th birthday doesn't find me on these same pages saying the same thing about turning 87.

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