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Have you ever been driving your car through a series of winding mountain roads, and then just as you're about to make a sharp turn that hugs a sheer cliff, the steering wheel comes off in your hands and you and your (non-flying) car haplessly tear through the guard rail and out into the great beyond? Because my day is looking a lot like that.

Seriously, enough about me. What I really want to do is learn about each and every one of you. That's right; you, you, you, you, and, well actually, not so much you. But since you're all here and loving the reciprocal nature of comments, I expect that you'll comply nonetheless. I'm going to take this opportunity to pose a series of questions, much like Em did recently. Instead of my questions being pointed and person-specific, I'm going to just throw them out there and leave it up to you to decide how many you'd like to bring into the sharing circle with you. I'll post my answers as the first comment, to get the ball rolling, and I encourage you to add your own question(s) that I may have missed.
  1. Favorite food?
  2. 2008 has been a tumultuous year; what name should it be given in the history books?
  3. What's your favorite website? Meaning, which would you go to if you could only check one?
  4. Were money/schooling/skill level not a concern, what would you do for a living? We're talking dream job here.
  5. If perfect health (without aging) came in pill form, but it limited your lifespan to a very predictable age of 55, what's your move?
  6. What was cruelest nickname you've ever been given?
  7. Why is it that the majority of people I know in real life are devoid of any online social media presence?
  8. Can I get an amen!?
  9. What is the top Google hit for your middle name?
  10. Is anyone still interested in starting a group blog with me?

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