What the Shit Iceland?  

It looks like the nation of Iceland is in a pretty deep financial mess. After their government seized control of the top two national banks, putting one of them into the shitter, they suspended the stock market for three days and watched their currency devalue some 70%. Low on options, Iceland is now turning to the only country that has shown interest in "loaning" them a $4B bailout, Russia. However, Iceland swears on Bjork's life that they wouldn't give Russia any special military favor because of it (like use of the airbase there abandoned by the US many years ago). Seriously Iceland?

How could a country with obvious mastery over one of the world's most difficult languages really be this dense? Like Russia has no political motivation in this deal. This isn't me lending my buddy $5 for a pack of Kools, this is four thousand million dollars people. You think that Medvedev's daughter is just a really really (really) big fan of Lazytown, and wants Daddy to loan some government cash so prodcution of new episodes don't come to a halt?

As of today, money from Denmark and Norway didn't stop them from bleeding green, nor did taking a fatass chunk off of their interest rates. Desperate times call for desperate measures -- I'm talking national garage sale. I've had a few financial crises in my lifetime, so I'm fairly familiar with this tactic. You may tell yourself that you need all those possessions, but what good is a couch if you don't have a house to put it in? There's little financial woe that a marathon craigslist posting session and hours of haggling with immigrants over the price of a futon can't solve. For Iceland it would just be on a somewhat larger scale. Works of art, famous monuments, hell, they could even sell off naming rights to their towns and historical sites. I'm think I could at least pull together enough cash to have a street or two named after me somewhere.

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