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As the majority of my visitors remain painfully unaware of, I maintain a tumblelog via Tumblr. In reality it's more of a theftlog, since I use it as a dumping ground for a variety of web junk lifted from other sites. Not that I'd ever outright claim it as my own, but I definitely don't take the time to link back to its source. Most of what ends up posted on there is pictures; little tidbits of interest that make me laugh or stop and think when I probably should be working.

Lucky for you it's 11:46 and I need to pull something out of my ass, and it's going to be a quick re-cap of some of my favorites since I started the tumblelog in July.

This first one isn't so much cool as it is frustrating, a feeling I now happily pass on to all of you:

Up next is one almost as old as the Internet itself, but it still makes me smile every time:

What can I say? I'm kinda gay for zombies:

I'd be lying if I said that I never wondered if the Princess was really worth all the shit Mario had to go through:

I don't remember where this one originated, but I'm fairly certain they stole the idea from my brother:

Oh right; not only am I gay for zombies, I'm keen on blasphemy as well:

If only this kind of awesome existed for real:

Here's the last one, which is by no coincidence the funniest in my humble opinion. Only a small amount of nerdery need apply:

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