A Self-Whoring Mega-Pimp, I Am  

As some of you may have refused to notice, there's a fair amount of bullshit going on in my sidebar over there. I'd say that the majority of it is much like the content herein -- completely ignorable -- save one glaring exception, which looks a helluva lot like this:

As much as the word makes me want to punch myself in the ears, I love me a good widget. By clicking on or through this particular widget, you'll be transported to a wonderful place called Guidespot, or G-Spot as us decidedly unclever folks over there say, to check out my ever-growing collection of guides. The concept is fairly straightforward, and plays to both my love of lists and making fun of that whioh I perceive to be lesser than me. While you're there you can also add to some of the guides, or at the very least sign up and anonymously bash something I really enjoy doing. Conversely, you're welcome to create your own guides or suggest one to me under the table. However, the community over their mostly frowns on guides that are heavily focused on gonzo porn films, which will likely prove an unfortunate detriment to the creativity of many that come around here.

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