Screaming Possibilities  

As I awkwardly settle into this self-imposed October writing commitment, two thoughts come to mind:
  1. I should have written more in advance.
  2. Working from home would be awesome.
The first one is pretty obvious. Had I any sense about me, I would have generated a week's worth of content ahead of time like a sly little bitch. This head start might have afforded me a handful of "aw fuck it" and "retard" days, even if that degree of preparation isn't technically in the spirit of this month. Yet had that been the case I wouldn't have said anything; only now do I need to vocalize it since I've procrastinated my way onto the high road. Hey everyone, look at me! I'm doing what was expected of me in the first place!

Number two, although equally obvious, leaves room for a bit of exposition. I'll do this by way of example and work backwards. In a world creationated by my own intelligent design, Jay would travel the world with his family; writing on theme parks, Americana, and a variety of foods and subcultures as diverse as they are questionable. Think Anthony Bourdain meets David Escalante, minus the unwanted chain smoking and Hispanic bloodline. A much simpler version of this dream finds me working from home, writing on topics of interest, enjoying the space of the day as much as possible, and starting to piece together the great American novel (read: one that sells). The painful whiplash of reality is that I'm quite far from securing either one of these in the near future. The silver lining is that I'm undaunted in newly found ambition to see this dream come to fruition. OK, so maybe not the roller coaster dream, but I feel strongly that I can plan and implement my escape from the corporate world sometime in the next 5-6 years. You may now commence tearing away chunks of my confidence.

I don't think that everyone is built to work from home. The 10-15 hours a week I do it now certainly has its challenges. There are children who need attention, spiders to kill for my wife, and levels of Lego Batman that remain unbeaten. With all these distractions it's a wonder I've managed to squeak out a single article, let alone 100+ of them in the past month. For me, this wouldn't be possible if I didn't have a great affinity to writing in general. Focusing that passion on things that really matter to me would be especially nice, but for now I'm just happy taking any part in it.

How about the rest of you? From what I've gleaned skimming through your blogs, you all seem to share my hard-on for the written word. Maybe what we should do is form some super coalition of bloggers and let Google AdSense finance our early retirement. Who's with me!?

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