The Poof -- I Must Have It!  

Based off of preliminary numbers, approximately 2% of the entire Columbus population found their way over here and commented on my last post. Although I must say, for as much shit as I laid on their city, everyone took the high road and refrained from flaming me in the comments. Not that I wouldn't have appreciated that too, it's just nice to know that people on the Internet are capable of exercising restraint. On more than one occasion have I posted a modest critique of something on a message board, and within hours had my head Photoshopped onto albino gay porn by some anonymous person of dissenting opinion. So long as the legit ones never surface, it's all good.

I'd like to divert your attention away from Ohio and on to more worthy subjects, like random girly things I probably have no business noticing. With that said, there seems to be a growing trend of girls wearing their hair with a poof in the front, a lot like Tina Fey has in this picture:

Maybe it's always been around forever and took me 28 years to notice, I'm not sure. The only reason I even ask about it is twofold; in the first because it reminds me of this do from the early 90's:

The second is that, despite the ghastly nature of the above hair, I think this new poof is kind of sexy and want to encourage Christie to give it a try. I considered asking her in person, but where's the fun in that? This way it's sort of like a public marriage proposal, except completely one-sided and selfish on my part. Besides, everyone here can help me in telling her why she should accommodate my every whim and look sexy in the process. It's really a win-win for us all. You may begin commenting.

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