Must. Stop. Eating... Eventually.  

Tonight turned out to be interesting. It began with grandiose plans of spending a kid-free evening at Wild Waves, where we would gleefully partake the FrightFest festivities. Haunted houses for me, churros for Christie, and roller coasters for the both of us. I was going to come back here and post some awesome shaky videos from the better rides, but 'twas not meant to be. We arrived ill-prepared to pay for parking (is it wrong I get a deer in the headlights look when someone tells me they don't take debit/credit cards?), and we basically bailed to control the massive amounts of time the whole process was hemorrhaging. Waiting in one line for the sake of waiting in subsequent lines is no way to maximize babysitting that is infrequent at best.

Circumstance and impaired judgment found us at a dive Mexican restaurant 3o minutes later, followed by a grocery store and movie theater. As exciting as crappy TexMex and lottery tickets may sound, the movie was all the better. Christie and I watched Sex Drive, which was thankfully hilarious and redeemed the night's entertainment value. As it also turns out anyway, my body had a natural countermeasure for ensuring that I didn't waste energy thinking of all the rides I missed, by way of eating and eating (and eating) until the thought alone of spinning in circles would have me nauseous. Let's recap what it was I ate:
  • Plate of nondescript Ethiopian food.
  • 3 Fish tacos with rice & beans
  • 7 Lofthouse cookies (pink)
  • Entire movie-sized pack of Twizzlers
I'm pretty sure that a few other things made their way down my gullet, but I blacked out on occasion when my blood sugar spiked and only have a random fuzzy memories of regrettable food choices. No matter what horrible price I'll pay for my current bloated state, make no mistake that it was good times. Now if you'll excuse me, there's one last cookie with my name on it.

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