Jesus Saves... My Blog?  

As a frequenter of both public transportation and soup kitchens (like I'm the only one who can't pass up a free meal?), my exposure to religious propaganda seems to be slightly above average. Usually in pamphlet form, it'll start out with a lot of open-ended questions, segway into a story about the king of kings, and wrap it all up with a few more open-ended questions and some religious grandstanding. All I have to do is accept [insert deity here] as [insert masthead of atonement and/or faith here], and all of my questions will be answered for me? Sweet. Now I just need to find a pamphlet on keeping a particularly bumpy outbreak under control.

But it doesn't stop at pamphlets. I regularly find these little business cards with quoted scripture and a picture of Jesus on them. In the pictures, Jesus is either looking really stoked, or is in the middle of some agonizing part of the crucifixion. To date, I've seen no middle ground with Jesus and friends simply hanging out on his couch.

I've decided to steal this technique and apply it to the advertisement of my blog, mostly just to see what happens. Throughout several years of blogging, I have taken to writing my blog address on the cash I have in my pocket, and more recently leaving cryptic notes with the address at the bottom. Not once (as far as I know) has anyone visited me because of these things. Maybe I'm not being creative enough, or maybe those who did find there way here fled the scene as quickly as possible. Since I have no control over the quality and frequency of my posts, it looks like I'm going to have to up the creative ante on my advertising. That's where the Jesus cards come in.

Eight limited edition Jesus cards have been designed for Genius Pending, to be distributed in and around the Seattle area. I made sure that at a distance most of them are serious looking, yet upon closer inspection you'll find something like this:

The initial roll-out of these eight unique cards is going to be fairly small, seeing as I've run out of business card stock for the time being. Nonetheless, I am confident that if anyone can help me in my time of need, it's gotta be Jesus. Hopefully there will be updates to follow as the cards are found, at which point I'll share the other seven awe-inspiring designs. Stay tuned!

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