It Wouldn't be a Real Blog if I Never Complained  

I've got to admit folks, I enjoy life in general. For a long time I had myself convinced that I wasn't very good at it, when in fact I simply hadn't been trying hard enough. Go figure. I guess there are just some lessons that you've really got to marinate in for a decade before they begin to permeate.

Now that I've professed my affinity for a world of things relating to my tangible existence, it's time for the buts. I enjoy life in general, but... I'm getting pretty fed up with some things. I'm not prone to irrational freak outs and/or propping myself up on various knolls, firearm in hand, but... I am rapidly approaching the point of saturation on these somethings. Very similar to when a little too much tequila fires out your nose after getting sick on it and you're thereafter unable to even smell the stuff again, let alone drink the shit. For all intents and purposes it's dead to you.

I'm now going to ramble off the things I am most tired of having brought to my attention again and again, in modest hope that having it out there will leverage them into their appropriate head space, lest I'm forced to completely disown them from my reality. In no particular order, they are:
  1. The election
  2. Money
  3. Celebrities talking about the election
  4. Gas, cars, and OPEC in general
  5. Pro-High Fructose Corn Syrup ads
  6. This guy at work who somehow loosely associates my awesome beard with the English and insists on shooting off an 'Allo Guv'nah! every time he sees me.
  7. My inability to eat peanut butter
OK, so I do feel marginally better, though it'd be nice if the therapeutic nature of my lingering online brainspill becomes exponentially effective as time goes on. More likely is that I'll just take to bitching about the same things under a different blog name somewhere else tomorrow.

But... enough about me. Anything you'd like to append the list with and relinquish to the void of cyberspace?

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