I Never Said I'd Make Any Sense  

I had to take an extra long, scalding hot shower to get the stink of that last post off of me. I guess I've already proven that failure is inherent to this 30 day challenge, but if I may repeat myself, whatever. A valuable lesson was learned, in that I should only solicit responses from other bloggers if it brings to question something of mutual interest, such as the election, economy, or that one time in Junior High when you may or may not have accidentally gotten to third base with someone in your extended family. OK, that last one was more for me, but I still have my suspicions about some of you.


You know that awesome feeling you get when it's the end of the day Friday, you step out of the office and into the open, unrestricted air, and the world somehow seems slightly more tolerable? Lately this has been noticeably absent from my life. Only rarely does my week actually have an identifiable beginning and end. In spite of the hectic schedule feeding the fire of this "always on" mentality, I'd have to say that I'm pretty damn happy. Wait, scratch that -- very fucking happy. Even with the hard time I give it, working in an office isn't that bad. Doubly true in that I also spend a lot of time in the home office (known elsewhere as the back half of our laundry room), peddling my crafty wares.

Only in the past year have I really started to take myself seriously, at least in a sense about what I'm able to accomplish. The futility of running that big hamster wheel has faded considerably, and it's more about just enjoying what I do. Not that 2008 hasn't seen its share of up and downs, but overall I'm looking at a life whose approval rating edges out that of the leader of the free world by about 65%. Besides, I think that most of us throw ourselves a few pity parties each year, right? [ed. note: Somebody please say yes]

So as the remaining two-thirds of this month chugs along, I'll be right there with it, chugging... A FEW BREWSKIES! WHO'S WITH ME????!!! God, how much would it suck if I were actually like that, so intense about life that I felt the need to high-five random people hard enough that it hurt? Back to my original point, I will be doing a shitload more work this month, and I'm totally cool with that.

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