Very rarely do I compose blog posts at night -- not to mention from home -- but sometimes you find yourself bound by a higher purpose, or an over-inflated promise that seems especially harsh when there is nothing of interest to talk about. I'm usually not a big fan of posting simply for the act of posting, although I do frequently speak solely for the sake of being comforted by my own voice. Regardless, words are being written.

To make up for the lack of lengthy content, I'll offer myself as a sacrificial lamb to the comments, by way of sharing an embarrassing moment from my youth. In seventh grade I had a particularly jerkish Texas history teacher. He was also the school's football coach, and didn't like me because I didn't play (any sports that is. And I was occasionally on the slightly obnoxious side). One day when the class was divided up for an assignment, I sat with my group in the very corner of the modular (trailer) classroom. When the bell caught everyone off guard at the end of class, I abruptly stood to grab my things... and my head connected with the wall-mounted TV I had been sitting directly under. It knocked me out, mostly. I later learned from a friend that in my semi-conscious state I slurred out all sorts of weird hybrid swear words like "Fuckashittytitcock" and so on. After a month of being called "Tourettes" by my classmates, I finally looked it up.

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2 Reasons to Live

  • Ryan  
    October 9, 2008 at 8:19 AM

    Next time you feel at a loss for something to post during your 30 day quest you should inflict another head trauma on yourself.

    You might wake up to Fuckashittyesque gem.

  • Chris  
    October 9, 2008 at 9:25 AM

    Great. My blog has your post title in my sidebar. My mother already suspects me to be a degenerate, but this will seal it.

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