FAIL-Blogging & Soul-Selling  

In anticipation of a weekend that would keep me mostly separated from my darling computer, I cleverly set things up to roll out my Saturday and Sunday posts automatically and on their respective days. What I failed to account for is that I'm never as clever as I think I am, and that computers seem to hate me in the majority. The post dates managed to show correctly, a pointless win in the shadow of such an awesome loss.

As far as the month of blogging is concerned, I'd consider the level of failure here to be pretty undeniable. All I can say to that is whatever. The daily posting shall continue, although I will try to leave a little more room for the ghost in the machine if I have to post in absentia again.

Part of the weekend festivities that kept me busy was the move of my mother-in-law into her new home. I should start by disclaiming that this worked out to be one of the easiest moves I've ever been a involved in, due largely to the number of people helping out. Whereas moving my family of 5 garners the assistance of 1 or 2 friends, the MIL's moving crew consisted of me and 6 others, 4 of which were also able-bodied men. One of the highlights for me was the unboxing and setup of her brand new 42" Plasma HDTV. I'm currently deficient in the flat panel television department, so the best I can do is lovingly grind my crotch onto someone else's TV for the time being.

I don't even watch that much TV anymore, but my desire to own one seems to have slowly overtaken any moral obligations I have to society. Case in point; my brother starts a job at Wal-Mart next week, the bane of local businesses and fair employee practices. After I lectured him on all the reasons he shouldn't be supporting such a place and he went ahead and accepted the job anyway, I found out something of interest. His employee discount of 40% is applicable on up to 3 HDTV's a year. That means daddy can bring home a 42" screen for sub-$500. The savings and repeated discount mean that the money I save on the TV can in turn be used for an XBOX 360. This would essentially bring me to a point of fulfillment exceeding that of gainful employment or social acceptance. Provided I have weekly check-ins with my family and a steady supply of Mountain Dew, I imagine that being fully withdrawn from the outside world won't be such a bad thing.

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