Balancing Balance  

I think a lot of people would agree with me when I say that life is about finding balance. Although just because I said it doesn't necessarily mean that I personally agree with it. No doubt there is great merit to the idea, and maybe it's the faith in and ongoing pursuit of said idea which keeps us on the straight and narrow, despite being vaguely aware of its impossibility.

Regardless of its existential implications, I do feel qualified to speak to the troubles of being unbalanced in at least one area of life. And no, it has nothing to do with getting an adequate amount of fiber. The balance I now sorely realize I need involves the flow/expression/creation of information. For what has been about a year or two, I have been on an information binge. Literally, in that so much of my time is spent consuming data that I've had little time to process it, and next to zero chance for assimilation. I'm not sure if this is due to some overwhelming urge to sound literate in as many subjects as possible (it totally is), but I have officially hit a wall.

Worthwhile systems of balance are self-regulating, in that when you take a pebble, the system returns a pebble to keep things equal. In my case, I fear that the impending repercussions of this information overload would be of a painful nature, such as my eyeballs evacuating themselves from their sockets and fleeing in agonizing frustration. Books, articles, blogs, lists, DVD's, how-to's, and so on of the non-fiction genre have been wholly disproportionate to the amount of expression and reflection in my life. You can't forever have one without the other and not go down in flames.

To begin mitigating this problem, I started with e-material. As of yesterday, I had close to 150 different sites in my Google Reader, which I kept up on in a fairly diligent manner. This morning I took to my subscriptions with ruthless indignity, paring the whole lot down to just over 30. Considering more than half of those are humor and friend blogs, I think this is a grand first step in killing the problem at the source. In regards to books and magazines, I've decided that for every non-fiction book I read, a fiction novel will be required thereafter to maintain order. For every magazine, 2,000 words (approx. 3 pages) of original thoughts/story must be penned.

Let's not forget that a part of the bigger picture requires me to chill the fuck out and slow things down on occasion. Even with a balanced in/out flow for my actions, I still must strive to find something closer to balancing the action/inaction component. Thankfully there's sleep to handle the largest part of that, but I do hope to be presently aware of this slow down from time to time.

Everything I'm doing here is for the purpose of a common goal, which is to give myself more "space to think." Breathing room for the mind if you will. It's regrettable that circular logic had me learning more yet knowing less for so long. However, in the end it seems to have finally served its purpose, providing me with the very insight and direction I had been searching for in the beginning.

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